Our ONLINE SHOP is now open for global purchases of Artesian, The Story of Violet and Railtracks by John Berger and Anne Michaels.

For now, please buy Railtracks (globally) here: www.lrbshop.co.uk/railtracks_52028.html 

In the first instance, please email me directly - home.gareth@gmail.com - if you would like to purchase anything.

Artesian Issue 4 (AIR) is coming in late summer 2013.

Apologies to all subscribers and regular readers for the great delay in production of Issue 4, and for great delay in response to messages to this page. This has been due to a long period of personal and professional challenges. Thank you for your patience (8.5.13).

Who lives only for oneself
Deprives others of oneself
Deprives oneself of others
Atrophies and dies.

- Jan Werich