Making a difference through the positive power of a shared inspiration

Our Intention

The real world around us is becoming more distant, despite its apparent, pressing proximity, its seemingly ceaseless crises and abuses. It is disappearing behind computer screens and shining, reflective surfaces, behind the apparently endless variety of products ceaselessly being made. There is too much choice all around us. But, if we look more closely, we see that the real choices have long ago been made.

We have realised that perhaps the only lasting way to try and make a difference is through the positive power of a shared inspiration, through the attempt to (re)awaken certain values and experiences, many of which are being so quickly abandoned.

We believe that important thought, work and the example offered by remarkable lives and experiences must be constantly re-imagined, their ideas and ideals shared in an appropriate context, in order to keep them and the awakened audience for them alive. This is work that is always growing, changing its shape and the way it is received, but it is work that keeps its root firmly in the earth, solid and unwavering. Like a tree it offers shelter, blossom, fruit and inspiration to all those fortunate enough to encounter it. Go Together Press is also about those fellow travellers who gather under its branches. It is about building a community of shared intent, about defending and promoting what matters.

Our general approach is anchored by its belief in the need to defend and advocate enduring values in art, thought and life, at a time when the accelerating machinery of market-led globalisation and consumerism, alongside an increasing unaccountability and hierarchy of power in governments worldwide threaten numerous forms of community, environment and history. It is not restricted to work or expression in one medium only and, as it develops, will promote themed events, commissions and an ever-broadening dialogue with innovative thinkers in science, philosophy, belief and activism.

This is why we decided to set up Go Together Press.